Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone! Mama, Daddy and I took Miller to the Tallulah Academy Halloween Carnival last Wednesday. He had so much fun. He got to ride the ponies, play putt putt, pick up ducks and walk in the Toy Walk. He ate a lot of candy - which I'm pretty sure was his favorite part. He loved wearing his Referdee (as he says) costume. I'll post more Halloween pics and try to get a video up later.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Louisiana Hayride

Miller's Nonna and Uncle Billy Bob (My Aunt Laura and husband Billy Sevier)took him to the Transylvania Baptist Church's Hayride. First, there was waterless bobbing for apples in which they hung apples from the trees and the kids ate them off. Miller, I'm told, just tore his off the tree. Then they roasted weenies for hot dogs. Lastly, they went on the hayride. They rode to the levee by the Mississippi river and then came back. The ride was Miller's favorite part because he said they saw some deer and a cow.

Heading off on the hayride.

Here we go.

Miller and Uncle Billy Bob roasting weenies. He's too busy to look up so he just gave a wave.

Notice the LSU purple shirt. It was the night of the South Carolina game. Miller always knows that Saturday's are game days and that means he wants to wear his purple and gold!

With his apple!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Being Careful

I just had to post this. Miller is the only child I know cautious enough to WANT to wear his Elmo helmet to ride his tricycle. He insists on it. Most of the time I'll say, " oh you'll be fine just ride". I think that's great and all that he wants to wear it - the funny part is, he can't peddle yet. He just sits on it. That's why there is no pushing on my part for a helmet. I know he's not going anywhere. Elmo wears his helmet while riding so Miller wears his. Who says kids don't learn anything from TV?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Briarfield Academy Homecoming

My cousin Mary Beth made the Homecoming court at Briarfield Academy. Miller had a busy time attending all the day's festivities!

Mary Beth and her mom, my Aunt Liz.

Miller got a little restless during the ceremony, so we took a little break to run outside.

He couldn't believe they were just throwing candy at him during the parade

Miller and cousin Caroline

All the kids at the parade, Emma Brown, Miller, Lily Kate Thornton, Jack Martin, Caroline Martin, Holt Martin, two neighborhood kids and Bruin and Wyles Gilfoil.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Our busy day!

First we picked pumpkins at the First United Methodist Church in West Monroe. This little one looks just right for Miller.

Putting it in the Wagon

The first pumpkin pick of the season

Miller liked the little ones - the ones he could pick up and put in the wagon!

He found a white one!

Waving from the picture op

Say, "pumpkin"!

The biggest pumpkin he ever saw!!!

Next was riding the spinning thing on the carousel at the Mall.

He is getting dizzy

Last was throwing pennies into the fountain. He threw 15. Not sure if that makes for 15 wishes or 1 wish multiplied by 15?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Puppies!

Tim and I went to Baton Rouge last weekend for a wedding and then the Mississippi State game. Miller stayed with his BB and Papa. (My mama and daddy.) When we got back home Sunday afternoon Miller had a brand new puppy. Apparently, they were just giving them away at Wal-Mart and Miller wanted one, and that was all it took. Miller's Papa said he could have a puppy. Papa better be glad it lives down at his farm. We go visit as often as possible. Miller named the puppy Marty (after Wal-Mart). Marty is half blue heeler half cur dog. Here are some pics of our most recent visit. The brown puppy (that's Buddy) is another stray Papa picked up to keep Marty company.

Papa, Miller and Buddy

Miller petting Buddy

Miller petting Marty and Buddy

Papa helping Miller hold Marty. Miller's best buddy besides his Daddy.