Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prints Charming

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Davis 8 months!

I know i always say this, but I can't believe Davis is 8 months old. Time has really flown with him. I don't remember is going this fast with Miller. Maybe because Davis is such a good baby. He is starting to eat finger foods and is really enjoying "real" food. he loves instant potatoes, pudding, rolls, ritz crackers and anything from a cup. He is crawling on all fours too! He can say Da Da Da, Ba Ba Ba, and Ma Ma Ma. I love it!! Miller always tries to get Davis to say Mill-er Mill-er. It's funny.

Sitting up in the bath!

Feeding himself a cookie. That's Chocolate pudding all over his face

Loving the pool! He looks so much like Tim.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Random Summer Pics

My dear friend Olivia put on a song and dance hour (Olivia - I'm sure that is not what you titled it, but that's the best I can do) at the East Carroll Parish Library a few weeks ago. I took Miller and Davis to it and they loved it. Miller loved learning about all the cool musical instruments and Davis just likes being around a bunch of people. I graduated high school with Olivia and watching her teach the kids (she's a music teacher) all about rhythm and instruments was really a full circle moment for me.

Miller loves Mondays - that's the day I don't work. For those of you that don't know - my mom and I own a gift shop in downtown Lake Providence. Check it out at We do all sorts of stuff from monogramming to wedding invitations. OK - back to Miller. The kid loves his Daddy. We went to the farm and "helped" disc the bean field. Davis stayed at mamas for all those wondering (you know who you are)

Miller is now officially an almost swimmer. That's the technical term I made up for him. He could swim to the side and climb out if he accidentally fell in the pool - But he prefers the security of floaties. Maybe I'll set aside some of the spare time I have to upload the video I shot of him swimming. We'll see.

An update on my children for all my various Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Friends(BTW that's how miller says his prayers - God bless Mama, Daddy, Miller, Davis BB, Papa, Gee Gee, Pop and all my aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. He has lots of family and
its a time saver really (that last part was from Curly Sue if any one followed that.)

Back to the kids -

Davis - can sit up now from a lying position. He also is almost crawling. He can pivot pretty well on his hands and knees, but can't move. He goes into a push up position and then falls. He looks like he's doing the inchworm and that's about how far he moves too. He takes 3 naps a day and 4 bottles. He wakes up with the sun - which is getting earlier and earlier. today it was 6:15. He goes to bed around 8:15. He LOVES Miller. Miller can say "door knob" and Davis thinks he's Jerry Seinfeld. I mean, belly laughs. His favorite foods are anything I give him. He doesn't care - he's an easy baby. Hot, cold, peas, prunes - he likes it all. He has 6 teeth!

Miller on the other hand loves to be entertained. He loves anything to do with the farm and he loves swimming. If I had a nickel for every time he said "Mama", not only would I be rich, but I would have a very funny occupation. He is always underfoot and asks millions of questions. I know some of you are saying - oh that's all 3 year olds - don't. I don't wanna hear it. My 3 year old is different. He's brilliant. Ask his grandparents or Aunts. He asked the other day "where did the radio come from"? I replied, "it came with the car". "No", he said, "the music"? "Oh, the speakers". "No, mama (another 5 cents) how does the music get out of the speakers"uhhh... radio waves that travel through the air". He says, "kinda like the ocean". "kinda" i said. Now i'm thinking - uh oh - i don't really know much more. He says, "how do they get in the air? " my reply, "the radio station plays the music and big satellites and towers catch the waves. the radio turns them back into music so we can hear them". whew - at least i think that's right. "oh", he says......."Mama"(10 cents) "what Miller?" "Can we go to the farm"? "yes we can"...good luck least Tim can answer all the farming questions. remind me to tell you later about the conversation that started with "Mama, (another nickel)where does God live"...its too cute!