Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Mystery

This morning I discovered ink pen drawings on my twill couch!! I ask Miller if he knew who did it? This is the conversation that followed:
"Not Me" was his reply.
I said, "do you think Davis did it? Because if he did, he's in trouble and he may need a spanking." Miller just looked at me with wide eyes.
I said, "I'm going to go in that back and spank Davis. OK Miller?"
"Don't do that Mama, he's just a baby and he will be scared. I don't think he did it anyway."
"Well", I replied, "who do you think did it"? "
"Maybe somebody came in our house when we weren't here and did it. I guess it's a mystery."
"Let's call your Daddy and make sure it wasn't him."
After calling Tim, and asking him very exaggeratedly if he did it (He didn't) I told Miller that we needed to report this break-in and vandalism to the Police. I called John Clinton. (my cousin that is a Sheriff's deputy - as far as Miller is concerned, he is the Sheriff) John was cracking up as I gave him the recount of the morning's events. Miller was listening to both conversations very intently. I got off the phone and told Miller that the Sheriff's department was going to look into the matter.
"What Miller"?
"I think I know who did it"?
"You Do"? I thought, he was going to confess.
"yes ma'am, I think it was Uncle Bo.

Maybe he'll be an actor. He's almost got me thinking maybe it wasn't him!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Miller's 1st LSU game!

Visiting Mike

Don't I look cool! Uncle Steve would be so proud of my visor!

Mike and the cheerleaders!

We love cotton candy! Waiting on the band to march down the field and the tigers to run out!!
We had a blast! Miller liked the band, but wasn't so sure about all the people. Tim had to carry him a lot! The game didn't start until 6 and we were early. We got there at 5:15. By kickoff we had already eaten a slice of cookie cake, pepperoni pizza and cotton candy! After the first quarter Miller was ready to go. Well, we kinda were too. ULL wasn't much of a game. Miller loved seeing the "real" mike and Mike's cage and statue! He said his favorite part of the whole trip was seeing the fish in our hotel lobby. They had a koi fish pond. Oh well.