Friday, January 22, 2010

honesty is the best policy...well sometimes

O.K. Carey Here goes. 8 Honest things about myself. Then you repost and do the same....
Being really honest. This is more like a confession. I'm catholic after all. I guess that's a good place to start.

1. God & I have a unique relationship. Don't misjudge the situation. (Judge not, right.) I pray, I go to church, I say the blessing, I talk to him in ways you may think are strange.(See note) I'll probably never have a conversation with you about Him. To me, it's personal. It's between me and Him, and it's nunya! I know I should sing his praises from the rooftops and all that, but I'm not like that. Matthhew 6:1-6 I guess. ( Note: I do this thing in my head...I don't know what you'd call it. I started doing it when I was in college. It's kinda my way of thanking God for the little things. It goes like this. If I see a woman exercising, I'll say to myself, "Thank you God, that I have already done that today." Or if I see a purple house, I'll say, "Thank you God, that I have better sense than to paint my house purple." I'm not exactly saying this is "nice". But, I like to thank God for making me, me. )

2. I love my children. I know lots of people say this, but this is the confession. I do not like to play with them....tractors, hunting, pre-tending - it bores me. I know that makes me sound terrible, and believe me I have tried. My mom is so great at pre-tending. She loves to play with my kids. They play tractors, and have things break down, and run to "town" for sonic for all the hands. And in a minute it's gonna "rain" so hurry and put all the tractors under the shed....I don't really even know where she comes up with this stuff. Maybe it's that I can't relax if there's something to do - house wise. folding, cleaning etc. who knows. I'm right brained. Keep in mind, I didn't say I don't play with them. I'm just saying I don't like it.

3. I hate chocolate, and deer meat. No, I don't want to try your recipe. Yes, I'm sure I don't like them. To some people I might as well have said I think Elvis is still alive.

4. I have undiagnosed cases of OCD and dislexia. My mama says I have CDO, because that's alphabetized. I make lists, and buddy you better not touch them, write on them or mark something off them. I get made fun of at pokeno because I alphabetize the players names, and if i make a mistake i'll tear the page out and start over. I made terrible grades in high school algebra because i couldn't keep the letters and numbers straight, but had a 99 average in college statistics. Go figure.

5. I love to travel. I love hotels (good ones). There's something about visiting places, airplanes, restaurant etc. that excites me.

6. I love people and their idiosyncrasies. Very few people (their habits) annoy me. Probably those closest to me the most. Mostly things annoy me, not people.

7. I am very competitive. You do not want to play board games with me. I don't even let my three year old win at hi-ho cherrio. I mean, I know life isn't always about winning and losing. But, somebody has to lose at hi-ho cherrio. I can't help it if I spin 4 and his cherries keep falling out of his basket. Losing is an important lesson for those of you that now think I am a terrible mother. (I know what you're thinking - "sheesh, if she doesn't like to play with them, she could at least let him win." I don't think so.

8. I think I need a wife. I love my husband. He's a great guy, father, husband etc. But, I could really use a clone of myself. Not that I'm all that great, but if there were two of me, I could really accomplish some stuff. Things would be getting done. I could cook supper, update the blog, order the new stuff for the store, go to wal-mart, fold the clothes, play with the kids, read the stories, watch tv, clean the kitchen, and still have time to check e-mail and all sorts of other stuff I juggle.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Chili & Cheer!

For the past three years, Tim & I have helped host a party during the Christmas season called Chili & Cheer. We always take a picture of the hosts and hostesses. These are two of the images captured this year. The bottom one is the "best" group shot I had. The top explains why it's so hard to get a "best" group shot.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Morning

Miller can't wait to see what Santa brought. Yes, we all had matching pj's.

Davis sans PJ's

Loving his new spinning toy

Miller sings, "take you for a ride in my big green tractor"...

Yes, Santa brought drums.....No, we aren't crazy....No, they aren't driving us nuts...really.